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Imaginary Friends


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Not a Word 03:07
I see you see me walking down the street There’s a bit of concrete under our feet You’re on the opposite side of me, at a waving distance from here I like the way you walk elegantly With a swish in your hip and back That make my doubts rise angrily, as you hypnotize my soul And I still won’t say a word And I still can’t take that step Now you’re sitting down in the pub Looking clean from a trip to the tub You’re on the opposite corner of me, at a shouting distance from here I like the way you drink your white russian With a sip and a swirl of your tongue That makes my heart play African percussion, as you stare right in my soul (Chorus) I gotta make a move, I don’t know how I’m talking nonsense, I’d better shut up She’s looking great but she gives me doubts And suddenly I feel so puny inside. Maybe I’d just break the silence But then again what have I got to lose I get up and I make my way I say Hi and I brace myself And then I see you leaving in a hurry What has happened is kinda funny She’s on an opposite level of me, that’s nowhere close from here And then I notice the dripping pool Is that your drink on the floor? You must think I’m such a fool Spilling your drink like that (Chorus)
Collector 03:10
A collection of misfortune or a treasure in a box Is that up to me or is it up to you? All I know is that it’s not complete It’ll take some time before I own it all I’m a collector, I want to own it all I can’t collect her, ‘cause then there’s something wrong (x2) A limited edition or a special version of this Is that what I want or is it not enough? All I know is that I’m almost there I’m one item closer to owning it all (Chorus) I am cursed, ‘cause I want to own it all It’s in my head and that’s where it’s coming from I am cursed, ‘cause I want to own it all It’s in my head I strife for completion till the very last thing Is that my curse and will it haunt me down? All I want is that you’d complete me If you give me the chance, I’d give you all I’ve got (Chorus) I’m a collector I can’t collect her I’m a collector I can’t collect her I’m a collector
As I’m floating through the seasons And times are moving fast I can’t seem to make (anything) any progress today I’ve been dreaming for some time now Of dreams and hopes alike But my plans are so distorted Anything can happen now Oh, got a feeling that I might (x2) Break through this fright I’m scared to make a thing Scared it will not suffice I still can’t seem to make (anything) any progress today (Chorus) Break through this fright and doubts within No, I won’t give up this time Got a feeling that I might (x4) (Chorus x2) Break through this fright
I go to sleep with my imaginary friends There’s a dinosaur and an action hero They stand by me when I fall asleep and return in my dreams When I’m alone I’m not alone (x2) They stand by me when I sing this song As they know the chorus and the verse And when I dance, they look at me “Are you crazy?”, they say (Chorus A) My mother, she wants to know if I am a little loco And now my mother, she wants ’em gone For my friends, the battle is on ‘Cause I am a little bit loco. My friends are everywhere I go-o (x2) I got dinosaurs that really amaze me ‘Cause I am a teeny bit crazy I got some crayons in my hand Let’s draw some imaginary friends (Chorus B) He is a little bit loco (x2) (Chorus B x2)


This album is a collection of the very first songs I ever wrote and performed. Their stories popped up in my head and gained a life of their own, in a way becoming my imaginary friends in the process. They have evolved tremendously over the years and I wanted to capture them as they are right now. This has been a long time in the making, but at long last I'm overjoyed to say that it's here. Thank you for supporting us on our musical journey.


released August 11, 2017

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabyan Pasteleurs.

All songs written and arranged by Fabyan Pasteleurs and performed by Fabyan Pasteleurs (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, backing vocals) and Dieter Vermeire (bass).

Artwork and design by Fabyan Pasteleurs.
Picture by Xander Vermeire - XV Photography.


all rights reserved



FTAKKE Ghent, Belgium

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